Sharon joined the Whirltronics team over twenty years ago, and this month we celebrated her next chapter in life… retirement! Before Sharon said her goodbyes she shared her experience working at Whirltronics. Keep reading to hear what Sharon’s first memories were of Whirltronics in 1999 and what she is looking forward to in this next chapter of life.

When did you start and what is the first thing you remember about Whirltronics?

“I started in November of 1999. I remember interviewing, in a conference room in the office, and feeling the table shake due to a large press stamping out parts in the shop. The shop at that time was dark and rather dirty, with baskets of blades all over, and piles and piles of steel coils. I was amazed to discover how many different versions of a lawn mower blade Whirltronics makes.”

What was your first position at Whirltronics? What did it entail? 

“I started out part-time, doing Accounts Payable, matching up and entering vendor invoices into our Sage system, and issuing payments.”

What is your current position?

“Currently, I process payroll and work on Financial Statement preparation. I help with other Accounting functions as needed.”

What is the biggest change you have seen over the years within Whirltronics?

“The baskets of blades are gone now. Whirltronics moved to single-piece flow several years ago. The growth in sales is amazing.  Also, the shop is much cleaner and brighter than it was years ago.”

What was your favorite thing about working at Whirltronics?

“The people here are awesome, and it feels like family. I have always felt respected and supported by those around me. Whirltronics has embraced continuous improvement, so there are always new projects, and new ideas being introduced. It is exciting to be part of a growing company.”

In three words, explain Whirltronics.




What do you plan to do now after retirement?

“For now,  I want to just take summer ‘off’. My husband and I plan to spend more time at our property up north and we have booked a trip to Denmark and Norway in July.”

Whirltronics’ award-winning success is achieved with hard work from individuals like Sharon. Her length of service and dedication are integral to the stamina and life of the company as a whole. Congratulations, and thank you, Sharon! We wish you all the best in your next chapter in life.

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