Austempering has become a demanding heat treatment process that plays a significant role in the metal manufacturing industry. Whirltronics has three fully automated Austemper lines at our facility, processing over 2,000 pounds per hour.  We specialize in isothermal heat treatments like this, to consistently produce stronger and tougher structures in metal that cannot be obtained from other conventional heat-treat processes.

Below are several key benefits our customers get with products that have been through our Austempering process:

Consistency & Reliability

The Austempering process consists of an initial soak at a high temperature to bring the metal to an austenitic state followed by a salt bath quench to form a bainitic microstructure. At Whirltronics, we have computer controlled cycles for our Austempering process producing consistent transfer times day after day. This with the unique microstructure enhancing process of Austempering, makes for consistent results and cost, allowing projects to stay within scope.

We also have an in-house metallurgical engineer that works in our lab at Whirltronics, allowing us to run tests to help solve problems quickly and keep projects moving. This gives our customers peace-of-mind when it comes to knowing the right metals for the project and ways to adapt to situations that may come up during manufacturing.

Quality & Strength

The salt bath quenching process in Austempering prevents quench cracks that typically occurs in other heat-treat processes, produces a product with a more uniformed microstructure, and a low distortion rate. The metal microstructure is optimized as well, giving metal products big and small better ductility, hardness and toughness.

Austempering is a beneficial process to both the manufacturer and the customer. It produces quality products consistently and presents options to diversify metal types for projects as well, potentially saving costs in materials and the manufacturing processing.

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