Over 30 years ago, Whirltronics hired Denny Axell, when they were just a small shop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Now, Whirltronics resides in Buffalo, Minnesota and finished up its second ground-breaking in 2015, adding an additional 20,000 square feet to the facility. Denny has been through it all, but as 2016 comes to a close, so does a chapter in the life of a great co-worker and friend.

Remembering the man

Ax, as many people know Denny, not only helped bring success to Whirltronics with his wealth of knowledge in lawn mower blades and customer dedication, but he also provided laughter, story-telling and comfort to his co-workers including Glenda Stuhr, “Ax always brings a light-hearted spirit to Whirltronics.  When the pressure is on, he always has a way to lighten the mood.  He has a laughter that is recognizable throughout Whirltronics as well as outside the walls of Whirltronics.” Often times a jokester, Denny seemed to have a gift for nicknames, something Lee Schultz will never forget, “His quick wit and sayings always lightened the mood; Old Frog, Goat Rancher, Lab Rat”.

Steve Thul, President of Whirltronics, worked with Denny for over 19 years and enjoyed his professionalism, loyalty and dedication. “Every day was a good experience working with Denny…a very likable, well respected personality to all the relationships he was a part of including our customers, Whirltronics’ employees and our supply chain partners.”

Saying good-byemetal_manufacturing_mn

Whirltronics held a retirement luncheon party for Denny in December, furnishing it with his favorite foods from a local café downtown. Many family members were present for the gathering and many stories were shared between co-workers and friends.

Denny himself reflects on how far Whirltronics has come from the small shop in Brooklyn Center, to what it is today. It has been a long journey for both Whirltronics and Denny, but when you are surrounded by great relationships, it is very hard to say good-bye, “I will miss all of the people who made the current Whirltronics what it is today.”

What does the future hold for Ax? Earlier tee times and hopes of a lower handicap? Maybe a warm weather destination during the next Minnesota winter? Denny does not have any travel plans in the works yet, he does foresee a “to-do” list in the near future and a few more rounds of golf.

Here’s to the future, you Old Frog

Glenda Stuhr – “It will be quiet around here without Ax.  Well, not too quiet as I still do not have the door that he has suggested for quite some time now.  I wish him continued health, relaxation, & a smaller honey-do list.  And let it be known, Ax.  You are required to come to Whirltronics for every luncheon occasion!”

Lee Schultz – “Thank you Denny for being a wonderful co-worker and friend.  I wish you the best of luck, (I know a lot of time it will be on the golf course with the “old frogs”).  Don’t be a stranger!”

Steve Thul – “Denny, may you enjoy good health, a lower handicap, a record number of golf rounds in a year, time in a warm climate during winter and a good challenging crossword puzzle everyday! The doors at Whirltronics will always be open for your visits. God Bless!”


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