Whirltronics Core Values

During this time of year, Whirltronics likes to reflect on the goals that were set early in 2016 and discuss how we can continue to strive and accomplish them while looking ahead into 2017. We also like to acknowledge the appreciation for our employees at Whirltronics with an annual company get-together.

Every year Whirltronics has a summer gathering for the company that includes food, games, team exercises and more.  It is a nice way to take a break from the work day, but the best part is that everyone is able to relax and socialize outside of the work environment, helping build relationships while making our team unity stronger.

Whirtronics has a strong work ethic, not only in lean manufacturing, but also in the desire to provide the best in class for customer service.  We have a list of Values we follow as a team to offer this service and we review these often to ensure the best practices are in place to support these principles.

Our Values towards our customers and partners include:


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Good luck in the second half of the year!

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