No matter what market or industry, a company needs to be able to take an idea and physically bring it to life within a respectable scope to stay on task and ahead of the competition. At Whirltronics, we provide a program for prototyping which produces favorable results with time, money and accessibility.

Save Time

Whirltronics’ prototype program allows for the entire process to be done at our location using our versatile and intuitive team. We are able to assist our customers with an efficient start to finish of a prototype from design to the manufacturing process, to the painting and packaging of the finished product. We are able to control the step by step prototype flow with no extra, outside efforts creating a fast time-to-market.

Save Money

Creating prototypes are a great way to see how effective a newly developed product can be. It is the most affordable way to make changes to a product’s appearance or functionality in the early stages without spending extra money on tooling costs or committing to expensive materials for sampling. Whirltronics has worked with large and small companies in many markets and we are disciplined in meeting project budgets and deadlines within company scopes.

Gain Accessibility

Once you have a physical product sample, there are several advantages that you can benefit from. You can now observe, manipulate and critique it for any last round changes before flipping the switch on a large product run. You have the ability to perform market research and analysis to concrete your product’s purpose, and you also have something to show for potential investment opportunities or internal training on a product before it is officially launched in the market.

Do you have a product idea that is ready for our prototype program? Contact us and let’s set up a time to talk.  Call us today! 763-682-1716

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