single-piece-flow-manufacturingIn an industry that is always evolving and production processes always challenged, Whirltronics strives to continuously improve our manufacturing and stand out from the competition. One way we do this is with Lean Manufacturing and implementing Single Piece Flow.

Single Piece Flow is a manufacturing method to eliminate material handling between process steps. This significantly cuts back on wasted resources and increases efficiencies for the overall output. Single Piece Flow has many benefits, not only to the manufacturer, but to the customer as well.

Below are 3 ways Whirltronics creates a Win/Win with Single Piece Flow:

  1. Produces quality products…every time.

By manufacturing one product at a time in a Single Piece Flow concept, a 100% inspection is being completed during the process, eliminating bad product going out the door.

  1. Increases flexibility during production.

This manufacturing process streamlines all areas of production, allowing us to service large contracts and provide more sensible lead-times during the revision process, sampling and complete, full run orders.

  1. Provides a cost controlled manufacturing relationship.

Single Piece Flow eliminates the extra time in between the stages of manufacturing like product handling, forklift operation and other human resources. This affords cost control on sample runs and full orders with the efficiency that is gained, making the overall experience with Whirltronics effective and affordable.


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