At Whirltronics, we are very thankful for the dedicated employees that work on our team. Pat Nesser has been working with Whirltronics for over 35 years and if you have met him, you know he is a glass half full guy who is optimistic, self-motivated and values his work and relationships with those around him.

Pat recently retired from his 24 year run as Chief Union Steward, which is the longest-serving in Whirltronics history. He has now moved back into his original position as a labor grade two, working on forming, sharpening, and straightening blades. The job has changed over the past 35 years but Pat’s passion for quality work and strong relationships hasn’t wavered.

What was your first position at Whirltronics and how did you hear about it?

“Heard about the job opening from a friend, Sheldon Swenson, who too, currently still works at Whirltronics.” Pat’s first position was a straightener where he worked with a hydraulic cylinder to hold the blade and a “crescent wrench welded up with a little piece of pipe on the end” to hammer and straighten the blade out.”

What is your favorite position you have had at Whirltronics?

“I didn’t have a favorite part, even in the old school ways of straightening, it was a good day when you had no problems and you could be gabbing away with the other guy at the table and you got in a rhythm where work wasn’t as hard but you were more productive.”

What is the best part of your day at work?

“My favorite part is typically being able to share knowledge with someone. I like being able to help people wherever I can.” 

Can you tell us about changes in the industry and technology that you’ve witnessed over the last 35 years?

“It (technology improvements) is wonderful, it is the way things have got to be or you don’t exist as a company. If you don’t make strides to improve whatever it is that you do then you fall behind and you disappear.” Although the technology improvements have made the physical positions less tasking on the body, Pat enjoys using the old school ways and working off his history of knowledge. “The difference between an artist and a craftsman, I am more of a craftsman, where you look at something and you figure out how to take care of it.”

Whirltronics acquired their first manual machine straightener in 1986 and transitioned over the years from physical straighteners to the manual and automated straighteners they use now. 

After 35 years, why have you stayed?

“I need to work and this is a good company to work for. When it comes to working, I am my own worst critic which is part of my motivation. I like that there are rewards in doing a good job and I enjoy keeping busy. I have stayed because the company is good and it provided me with a living I needed to make and after all of these years later, the proof is in the pudding! I like a roof over my head and food in my belly.”

What does retirement look like for you?

“Technically speaking, my retirement date is September 20th, 2025 at 1:08 AM, I was born at 1:08 AM and I want to retire early at 64!” Pat looks forward to having fun, vacationing in Las Vegas with his wife, and not having to look at a clock.

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