Whirltronics wrapped up a 20,000 square foot addition earlier this year, which was the first step in helping them meet their goals to increase their manufacturing capacity while creating efficiencies throughout the shop. With additional space comes the need for additional employees and changes to the current day to day operations.

With Whirltronics growth and expansion the need arose for a second Foreman on the floor during shifts. That’s where Corey Elmer came in. We sat down to talk with Corey who previously worked as a heat treater and is now one of Whirltronics’ first shift Foreman.

What does being a Foreman entail?

“[My role is being] in charge of the Heat Treat, Straightening, and Paint line areas. Making sure all of these areas are flowing and running properly. Whirltronics is growing so fast and expanding so much that it just makes sense to have more than one Foreman to be able to split the workload.”

What is one challenge of this position?

“The biggest challenge is making sure you gain the respect of the employees. My job has become much more fulfilling by doing this. It is so much easier to get the job done right if we all work as a team, as we all do here at Whirltronics.”

What does Whirltronics do that sets them apart from other manufacturers? 

“Teamwork! Whirltronics is great for setting its employees up for success.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I love to ice fish, and love being at our cabin up north.”As a leading employer in the Buffalo, MN area, Whirltronics Inc., offers competitive pay, benefits, and maintains high employee retention. Learn more about Whirltronics, Inc.’s services, employment opportunities, and history by visiting us online, or contacting us directly.

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