As the year comes to a close, we wanted to highlight another valuable Whirltronics team member. Jon Henry joined the Whirltronics team in 2005 as a manual straightener. As the company grew throughout the years, Jon continued to contribute quality hard work which led to his current position as a Foreman. We asked Jon to share about his journey at Whirltronics, read about it below.

What did your position as a manual straightener entail?
“Standing in front of a straightener with a full basket to my right and an empty to my left, loading parts one at a time, moving joysticks to control hydraulic arms that hit the blade to bend it where we needed.”

What was the process like to get to your current position?
“It was a long road of hard quality work and problem solving to be recognized and moved up to more complicated equipment. Maintaining a positive attitude and having a good relationship with my co-workers eventually lead me to a Union representative position. Also being calm collected and thoughtful while showing leadership skills led to a position with the company as a foreman.”

Did you originally see yourself in this current position?
“Not when I was younger. But definitely started feeling like leadership was what I wanted to get into when I started getting a little older.”

Can you describe a typical workday?
“Setting schedules for people to optimize output and try to have people where they’re happy to work. I help support operators throughout the day, keep machines going and stay positively motivated. I also collect data each day to try to improve our process.”

What is one thing you wish you knew before working at Whirtronics?
“That some of the people I started working with, I would continue to be around for a long time and other people that I enjoyed working with would eventually move on.”

In three words, explain Whirltronics.
“Steady, challenging, and growth”

What is your favorite thing about working at Whirltronics?
“Being able to teach other people on the floor and in management the things that I have learned through my experiences.”

Looking back, is there anything you would do differently within your positions at Whirltronics?
“I wouldn’t change much. I believe all my experiences have made me who I am today.”

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time outside of work?
“I enjoy spending time with my wife and four children trying to make lasting good memories, and sometimes getting quiet time in my workshop.”


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