Being ISO certified is something Whirltronics utilizes within a core group of fundamentals for metal manufacturing. Its importance is right next to our dedication to lean manufacturing and Our Mission and Values. The input that goes towards becoming ISO certified is a team effort and its benefits provide opportunity to Whirltronics and our customers.

A Foundation to our Manufacturing Success

Whirltronics utilizes the ISO certification for effective quality control on the manufacturing of our lawn mower blades. Manufacturing is a complex network of processes and people, and ISO brings structure and discipline to this complexity to make it successful for us. Our team is dedicated and takes on these standards as part of our company mission to be the best in class to the customers we serve.

Quality & Metallurgy Manager Lee Schultz supports its importance, “ISO certification gives Whirltronics a standard system framework that must be followed.  It shows our customers that we have ISO-certified-lawn-mower-blade-manufacturing-mna proven quality management system that is audited both internally and externally. Whirltronics uses a team approach for ISO.  I am the leader, but we have an excellent team that makes a great quality system.”

Part of that team is Mechanical Engineer/Six Sigma Project Manager Matt Severson. Matt is an internal auditor at Whirltronics and oversees that the company’s processes and quality control are being practiced appropriately. Matt shared that Whirltronics recently received re-certification which included new objectives for compliancy including risk based thinking, “Whirltronics addressed risk before being certified to the new standard but providing a little structure to it allows the risk to be better understood by everyone in the organization and being certified to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard shows customers we are looking for and taking appropriate actions toward risks facing Whirltronics.”

ISO Certified + Lean Manufacturing = Quality Products. On Time.

Communication throughout the company is made effective through ISO certification, improving product quality along the way. Lee Schultz explains more, “ISO certification ensures that all products follow the same quality guidelines, and standardizes the way our products are made.  ISO certification also requires a quality management system that is audited and continually improving to reduce risk to both our customers and Whirltronics.”

The ISO structure ensures our team that we are performing in unity, and it falls right in line with the quality and efficiency benefits of our lean manufacturing processes. Through lean, we are able to eliminate waste and improve our production times. Having both of these techniques in place provides our customers with quality products on time.

We manufacture for customers across the globe and embrace the structure and quality that ISO certification provides. It raises the bar to product quality, and improves the overall performance of the company by empowering the people within. Plus, as business looking for the right manufacturer, Matt Severson says being ISO certified does provide value, “The benefits of working with an ISO certified company is knowing that company’s quality system meets an internationally developed standard designed to create robust and effective quality management systems.

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