Whirltronics enjoys supporting local communities and schools. Most recently, we have been supporting the local school robotics teams from Buffalo and Kimball, Minnesota. The Buffalo team is just getting started in their season, but this year has proven to be a success in both learning and competition for the Kimball team.

The VEX Robotic Competitions

There are several different robotic platforms that are part of the VEX robotics and the competitions, and they vary in requirements for each including; materials provided for the robotic, the details of the game for the upcoming competition and how much time is given for building the robotic prior to competition.

The platform specific to what the Kimball school competes in is the VEX EDR. The Kimball Robotics Team Coach Kevin Kieke,  helped explain the main objectives,  “The components are made up of several hundred parts including metal structural members, drive system parts like gears, sprockets and motors and the electronic parts which include the “cortex” (computer micro controller) and various sensors and electrical wiring components. Each year in April the new game is announced at the World Championships. Then teams will use the kit materials to develop, design and build the robot for competition.”

The results

The Kimball Robotics Team took home the Energy Award in the middle Kimball-Middle-School-Teamschool division while making it to the state quarterfinals. This award recognizes teams that show the most energy and cooperation during the competition. Kevin was proud of the kids and enjoys how robotics can teach lessons beyond the competition, “I think it helps the team to show their Kimball Pride and be the best young adults they can. It is great when others notice the team in a special way. It helps re-enforce that it not just about winning, you can make a difference through your actions.”

The Kimball high school team won their division this year and are off to the VEX Robotics World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. In April, the team will be competing against 500 other teams of high school students from around the world.Kimball High School Team

Whirltronics’ Executive Vice President & CFO Eric Fink, has a son on the Kimball high school robotics team and is very excited for the students, “It was so much fun watching the students compete at the State tournament.  I’m so proud of their preparation, effort, and excitement.  The high school team will be competing against the best in the world come April.  We enjoy supporting our local students as they design, build, and compete in VEX robotics.”

Why Whirltronics supports robotic learning

As a developer, engineer and manufacturer, Whirltronics loves to see science and technology being presented in such a cool way, while allowing kids to get a great hands-on learning experience. The robotics building and programming develops many different skillsets for the students while allowing them to explore a more scientific path in learning. The competitions offer even more educational value by building personal and professional traits with natural learning about confidence, adaptability and team ship. These are all characteristics that make great employees and great people.

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