Whirltronics Employees from SCSUFor the past 10 years Whirltronics has sponsored senior design projects with the St. Cloud State University Mechanical Engineering program. A current employee, who had experienced the program first hand when she was an SCSU student, saw the benefits and inspired Whirltronics’ involvement.

SCSU undergrads are able to come and work at Whirltronics on their senior design projects with experienced engineers. Here students are able to build real-world knowledge of budgets, objectives, and deadlines. They generate opportunities to innovate and create new manufacturing strategies, systems, and facilities. What’s really cool is that these senior projects can sometimes result in patents and/or professional presentations.

In turn, Whirltronics is able to stay on the cusp of the industry by picking the brains of some of the freshest minds in the field. We glean new ideas and perspectives from students who haven’t seen the problem. Whirltronics has some extremely innovative ideas from SCSU students that are still installed and working today. Best of all, if the fit is right, some students have secured a job with us before graduation. Their internship with Whirltronics acts as a long interview. From a hiring perspective, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Whirltronics is proud to sponsor these Senior Design projects through the St. Cloud State Mechanical Engineering program. It’s considered one of the best programs in the state of Minnesota. Learn more about it here.

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