We strive for efficient processes to create a cost effective and timely flow with our lean manufacturing. This 2015 building expansion will put us at the next level of metal manufacturing and more importantly, will open opportunities for new customers in every service we offer.

Part of our mission is to have customers that we can work with through every manufacturing and product development step. From digital drawings to finished and packaged product, Whirltronics wants to build long-lasting relationships because we believe the best ideas are born from collaboration. Below are three ways we will be closer to this goal with our building expansion.

  1. Optimize production flow with space

Additional square footage allows us to improve many of our manufacturing processes. More continuous flow from station to station within a process provides us with added efficiency by giving us more room with less clutter.

The extra floor space will advance our consistency and maximize our warehouse organization by further developing our 6S methodology. There is an array of production processes being performed at Whirltronics simultaneously, so the more space and opportunity we can provide each sector, the more consistency we will have.

  1. Time is on our side

Having multiple workstations for prototyping and manufacturing gives our team more capabilities including time flexibility.  This awards us with quicker prototypes, more efficient manufacturing processes and an even faster speed-to-market.

These improved factors give our customers consistent and realistic project timelines keeping them within their scope. Longer, uninterrupted processes like our metal stamping and hot/cold forming will return higher volumes in a shorter timeframe providing full control with inventory management.

  1. Cutting project costs through dexterity and integration

We are one of the top manufacturers of rotary lawn mower blades in the industry because of our precision and efficiency with manufacturing. With this expansion, it will allow us to take the same principles we have implemented with mower blade manufacturing and offer a cost effective solution for full product development projects ranging in any size or volume.

As a manufacturer, we enjoy working with customers on new ideas and assisting them by bringing their concepts to life. We are able to offer a large variety of manufacturing processes all at one location so that the focus for the customer can be on their vision while our focus is on the efficiency of time and cost.

We want to expand our customer portfolio. Do you have an idea or project that needs assistance in development or manufacturing? Want more insight on what we can offer as a metal manufacturer? Request a quote or contact us today.

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