Efficiency is one of the main objectives that Whirltronics strives for through manufacturing. We are always finding ways to improve our processes and increase our productivity to help the customer get a quality, cost-effective product within a respectable timeframe.

We are able to do this on a daily basis by implementing effective lean manufacturing processes to create an efficient workflow while keeping our physical environment in top working order through the fundamental approach of 6S.

What is 6S?

6S originates from the 5S methodology made popular in the workplace by the Toyota Motor Company. This method creates importance at every level within the manufacturing process and encourages a minimal waste and maximum organization mindset to keep the workplace surroundings clean and organized allowing for the most effective work environment.

Like many other companies, Whirltronics implements the 5S methodology along with adding emphasis on Safety, creating the 6S method. Below are the elements of the 6S briefly defined:6S_methodology_buffalomn2

Sort – Sort what is needed and not needed, then discard what is not

Stabilize – Practice consistently, “A place for everything, and everything in its place”

Shine – Cleanliness in the workplace, and keeping it maintained

Standardize – Consistently practice the 3 Ss above and monitor for ways to improve

Sustain – Create a culture for the above practices and get everyone involved

Safety – Keep a safe work environment and get rid of any potential risks

Why we use 6S at Whirltronics

At Whirltronics, we have a large manufacturing facility with over thirty operators on the floor every day working with hundreds of tools and pieces of equipment. Taking the time to teach our team about the 6S methodology enhances our work environment by offering consistency, cleanliness and safety that everyone can benefit from.

Our employees have a positive work environment that they can enjoy while they are contributing to Whirltronics’ success through discipline and teamwork.

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