All tooling is designed and built in-house at Whirltronics. Having a team of professionals, 3D modeling software, and extensive millwork capabilities at one location benefits our customers because we are able to have control on the time and costs involved with the project.

CAD Modeling for Confidence

We design tooling using our customers CAD model. With an accurate computer-aided design file from our customers, the Whirltronics design team can save production time as well as cost in the process and reassure the customer that their concept can be brought to life through our millwork capabilities. If support is needed, our experienced staff can help design or troubleshoot any concerns with the model along the way.

We utilize Autodesk Inventor in-house for our 3D CAD modeling of the tooling. This step in the die building process acts as a final checkpoint before the 3D digital model is sent over to the tool room for millwork, potentially catching any costly mistakes with the design.

Tooling for Precision

Having our own, fully-equipped tool room gives us the ability to react in real-time, giving our customers precision and trust when it comes to our die building capabilities. Our engineers use the state-of-the-art technology of Mastercam to create the tooling paths for milling all components involved. Recently, we added another Haas CNC machine and warehouse space to our tool room to help maximize our tooling efficiency and improve our turnaround times.

Learn 3 ways that the expansion can benefit our customers by reading this blog post.

Once the millwork is done, Whirltronics will assemble and test the finished product for the customer at our facility. If an issue or concern should arise, Whirltronics can redesign or rework any part of the tooling on the spot, while keeping budget and time in mind.

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