At Whirltronics, we take pride in building strong relationships within our industries because we know the value in partnerships. When a company approaches us with a project, we will support them from prototyping all the way through the manufacturing process, including painting and packaging support for the finished product.

Between our efficient manufacturing processes and our strong commitment to developing relationships, Whirltronics strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We achieve this through several areas within our company starting with our own inventory management of raw materials. We receive and stock raw material in-house on a daily basis. Knowing our raw material is readily available, our customers are aware that we have the capabilities to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Companies enjoy having the convenience of efficient turnaround times when they collaborate on projects with us. With our Single Piece Flow manufacturing process, we are able to execute small quantity product runs more frequently and effectively, generating precise inventory management for our customer’s product along with offering consistent on-time delivery.

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