Whirltronics is focused on eliminating waste and streamlining processes to improve efficiency and delivery of quality products.

Whirltronics executes many different manufacturing processes on a daily basis. To continue to be a leader in manufacturing we regularly implement improvements to these processes. Our engineering team, led by Senior Engineer Neil Bengtson, not only pilots these improvements but designs and builds equipment for any unique customer needs.

As Whirltronics’ Senior Engineer for ten years, Neil has been a part of the decisions and changes that make Whirltronics who they are today. We asked Neil to share some of his thoughts on work.

What does being an Engineer (Manager) at Whirltronics entail?

“Leading a group of highly skilled engineers to design and build equipment for our unique needs, support our company’s technologically advanced systems and constantly improve our equipment and processes.”

What is your first memory of Whirltronics?

When I was in my last year of college I did a senior design project with Whirltronics and got to experience the challenges of designing a machine to perform a seemingly simple task.”

What are your goals within your current position?

1. To Design and build new and innovative machines that allow Whirtronics to be a leader in the manufacture of parts for our customers.

2. To identify and implement improvements to our existing equipment and processes to improve our manufacturing process.

3. Create a world-class engineering team.”

Throughout your years at Whirltronics, what are some highlights that stick out to you?

The build of our first internally designed dual head, servo-driven milling machine which has run continuously for 8 years of 24-hour production.”

What is your favorite thing about working at Whirltronics?

“Getting to work with an innovative forward-looking company that seeks to use new technology to improve the value we can add to our customer’s products.”

Why have you decided to stay at Whirltronics?

“The engineering group is composed of talented individuals that constantly challenge me to become a better engineer and manager.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“Spending time with my family, triathlons, and other personal challenges.”

Whirltronics’ award-winning success is achieved with hard work from individuals like Neil and those on the engineering team!


As a leading employer in the Buffalo, MN area, Whirltronics Inc., offers competitive pay, benefits, and maintains high employee retention. Learn more about Whirltronics, Inc.’s services, employment opportunities, and history by visiting us online, or contacting us directly.

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