Substance is a crucial part to metal manufacturing. When producing new or existing products, it is important to know what metals are being used and what the scientific make-up of those metals are to meet customer expectations.

Kathleen Brusso, the Metallurgical Engineer at Whirltronics, recently re-joined the team in 2016. With an in-house laboratory that allows her to evaluate the key metallurgical and mechanical properties of products, Kathleen is able to determine how to effectively manufacture products to obtain the expected end result. We asked Kathleen to share some of her thoughts on work and life.



What made you want to become a metallurgist? metal manufacturing mn

I was always interested in math, science, and how things work.  I especially liked how metallurgical engineering crossed several disciplines within the engineering field. 

How do you use your expertise to help Whirltronics in the metal manufacturing industry?

As a metallurgist, I am responsible for understanding the customer’s requirements and the application’s material requirements and ensuring that we meet those expectations.  We evaluate materials for their ability to be processed through the plant, to achieve final properties at heat treat, and to perform to expectation while in service. 

How do you keep up with new techniques or processes in the metal science world?

We continually work with our suppliers to evaluate alternative materials and processes, such as coatings and different heat treatments that will result in better product for our customers.

What do you enjoying doing when you are not at work?

During my time away from Whirltronics, I enjoy time with my family.  My husband and I are raising two active boys.  We enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and gardening.  I also volunteer with church and scouting. 

What does Whirltronics do that stands out from other metal manufacturers?

Whirltronics is committed to the quality of their product, building relationships with their customers, providing a superior product.



We are ready to help you from prototype to production line, so feel free to call us with any project inquires or questions:  763-682-1716. Are you interested in learning more about what we do as a metal manufacturer? Contact us and request a copy of our 2016 company brochure.

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