Single piece flow manufacturing offers many benefits to our customers and facility

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and working toward improving production efficiency. At Whirltronics, we strive to improve our process to stand out from our competition with Lean Manufacturing practices and Single Piece Flow production.

Single Piece Flow manufacturing is a method Whirltronics implemented years ago to eliminate material handling between process steps and increase efficiency. Also referred to as one-piece flow or continuous flow, this production method allows a product to move through the manufacturing process with little or no wait time between the completion of projects. This not only benefits the manufacturer, but our clients as well.

Improves production quality. By creating one product at a time in a Single Piece Flow concept, technicians are able to do an inspection throughout the process, thereby identifying potential issues and removing any sub par products before they are moved to the next step, or sent out the door.

Allows flexibility during production. Single Piece Flow streamlines production, offering the ability to service any project regardless of size and reduces or eliminates work in process inventory, which also saves floor space. Using Single Piece Flow methods, operators are able to complete an entire job before moving to the next, which enables them to catch quality issues in real time.  Other benefits of single piece flow include:  

  • simplified scheduling (scheduling a cell vs. individual operations)
  • wear and tear on the operator (Whirltronics parts are heavy, if operators can lift one part instead of a stack of parts, it’s easier on them)
  • the ability to flex operators in and out of cells based on demand

Controls Costs. Eliminating extra steps between the manufacturing process, Single Piece Flow saves time and money when it comes to product handling and human interaction. This allows more control on sample runs as well as full orders, making the overall experience effective and affordable for Whirltronics clients.

Interested in learning more about Whirltronics manufacturing efficiencies and how it can help your business? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.


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