One of the many things that Whirltronics takes pride in includes the amount of perfect employee attendance we see year after year. In 2015, we had many members of our team that did not miss a single day. When you are a manufacturing company that relies on unity and consistency, this incentive is something that cannot be overlooked.

How employee attendance affects the companywhirltronics-shop

There are several articles that give creditable reasons to why employee attendance is such an obstacle for many companies. It can cost a company money, time and relationships. There are suggestions on how to promote and reward employees with perfect attendance, but is this something that should be forced? If a company naturally has employees coming to work day in and day out, then it shows something is going on a little more beyond the numbers.

We are a close group at Whirltronics and enjoy working together. Knowing that we can reply on each other to show up, dedicate our skillset to the company and put our best foot forward in helping our customers succeed is something to be proud of. It allows us to build strong relationships internally as a team and externally with our clients as well.

How our employee attendance affects your bottom line

Good attendance from our employees converts into effect lean manufacturing, giving our customers quick turnarounds and consistent production runs. Our efficiency and quality is greatly influenced by the people that come to work every day. Without the discipline and work ethic from these people, our manufacturing would only go so far.

Our company’s capabilities offer every aspect of metal manufacturing under one roof and we have the experience and dedication from our employees to support it. Working with Whirltronics will not only provide affordable solutions to your projects, but you will also be collaborating with an enthusiastic group of people that want to help you succeed.

We are ready to help you from prototype to production line, so feel free to call us with any project inquires or questions:  763-682-1716. Are you interested in learning more about what we do as a metal manufacturer? Contact us and request a copy of our 2016 company brochure.

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