Whirltronics Inc., a market leader in lawnmower blade production and metal manufacturing, announces expansion plans underway for a 20,000 square foot addition to its current facility. 

Located in Buffalo, Minnesota, Whirltronics is a full-service source for metal manufacturing with capabilities in stamping, hot and cold forming, and austemper heat treatment of low, medium, and high-grade carbon steels. Scheduled to be completed in April of 2020, the project will increase manufacturing space, as well as expand the lunchroom and employee locker rooms.

Last expanded in 2015, the Whirltronics team has experienced sustainable growth that prompted the current addition. This expansion was made possible with the support of local government and the State of Minnesota.

“We have seen new opportunities within our existing customer base and in the market,” says President Eric Fink.

A fourth austemper line was added to the facility this past summer, processing over 2,000 pounds per hour. Austemper heat treatments play a significant role in metal manufacturing and consistently produce stronger metal structures.

Engineers and highly skilled production teams develop prototypes and manufacture quality products for both large contracts and small production runs. Advanced machinery and lean manufacturing practices allow Whirltronics to be successful from prototype conception to product completion, and delivery.  Extra space will offer additional resources to control project timing, cost, and flexibility, improving the customer experience. 

In addition to adding space to the current site, Whirltronics will also be increasing the number of employees on each shift over the next year. A leading employer in the Buffalo area, Whirltronics Inc, offers competitive pay and benefits as well as boasts high employee retention.

Learn more about Whirltronics, Inc. services, employment opportunities, and history by visiting us online, or contacting us directly.

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