It was an honor to be recognized and accept the Supplier Performance Award at the 2016 Honda Suppliers Conference. Whirltonics was one of 56 suppliers in the country that received this award for outstanding performance in support of service parts, which were rated on the quality, delivery and value of the products.

“During the conference, Honda honored suppliers in two areas – those supplying parts and materials for mass production products and companies supplying service parts that serve the needs of customers after they have purchased Honda and Acura vehicles.”

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What the award represents to Whirltronicssupplier_performance_award

Not only are we very excited to get this award, but this recognition signifies to us that we are on the right path in our lean manufacturing processes and goals as a company to provide quality products on time and within scope. These characteristics as a manufacturer are important to us because it is how we can stand out in the metal manufacturing industry, and potentially open new doors to business relationships with companies that share the same values.

Steve Thul, President of Whirltronics was at the convention to receive the award. He sees this as an important stepping stone in the right direction for the company and is very proud of the employees for making this milestone happen.

“Each employee at Whirltronics plays a critical role in receiving this supplier performance award from Honda.  This recognition from Honda reflects the customer driven culture of Whirltronics and our mission to be best in class for the customers we serve.”

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