Powder coating has become a popular finishing application in metal manufacturing and has many benefits over its liquid finish counterpart. It can be used on anything from refrigerators to automotive parts and building materials.

Powder coating is a process that uses electrostatic energy to pull a dry powder to the product. It is then cured with a heating process which forms the layer of finish. At Whirltronics, we are fortunate enough to have a state-of-the art powder coating line as an option for our customers. This, along with our lean manufacturing principles gives us a competitive edge in the metal industry.

Here are 3 benefits to powder coating products in metal manufacturing:


Powder coating creates a more durable and longer lasting finish than traditional liquid finishes. The layer of coating that is applied is very flexible and can stand up against impact, moisture, UV light and extreme weather conditions.

Not only is powder coating physically durable, but it also can hold the color quality of the coating for many years. Liquid finishes can break down over time, losing their vibrant color finish and potentially the protective coating. This lack of longevity can lead to rust, breakage and other distortions to a product, compromising its durability.

Cost Effectiveness

The powder coating process can be less expensive than traditional liquid finishes because there is no pollution protocol or equipment needed to regulate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to conform with the EPA. Also, a large portion of overspray from power coating can be managed and reused, compared to overspray from liquid finishes which is typically wasted during the process and cannot be saved.

The cost savings through using powder coating over liquid finishes is an advantage to the manufacturer, because they can be competitive with the price-per-piece along with having less overhead and waste. The customer benefits from powder coating as well, getting a long lasting product at a good price.


Liquid finishes contain pollutants like solvents and VOCs, which damage the environment. The chemicals in these products are also unsafe to the people working with them. The powder coating powder itself is a solid, so it is easy to avoid breathing in and getting on skin, where liquid finish chemicals are more harmful with the fumes and potential overspray exposure.


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