As 2015 comes to an end, Whirltronics is moving into 2016 with strong momentum. A recent building expansion, adding 20,000 square feet, has provided more space for the shop and tool room along with some new space for the employees to enjoy.

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Dan Jernberg recently joined the Sales Team in September. He has watched Whirltronics grow and evolve through this expansion and is very excited for what’s to come in the new year. We got 5 questions with him the other day on life and his fresh view on Whirltronics:

What do you enjoy most about working at Whirltronics?Dan J

The passion and values that drive this company. The Team approach to all aspects of the company. The people here at Whirltronics, from the President to the Operators, truly care about one another.

What do you find most challenging in your position?

When I started I never realized how much work actually went into making a lawn mower blade.

When you are not talking about metal fabrication, what do you do in your spare time outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family. I recently got engaged to Kristine so my family will be growing. I have a daughter and Kristine has 3 children. Golf, fitness and watching the kids’ activities are a big part of my life. I enjoy attending sporting events. I follow the Wild, Vikings and Twins throughout the year. I like trying different restaurants around the city. Minneapolis/St. Paul has a lot of different activities to do throughout the year.

What does Whirltronics do that stands out from other metal manufacturers?

Whirltronics has a proven track record for meeting quality standards and delivery dates. Whirltronics has a team of experienced engineers and representatives that work with the customer to making the part to the print while sharing their knowledge to maximize the process. In most cases everything happens under our roof. We start the process with shearing, sharpening, forming, heat treating, straightening, paint and packaging.  Our in house prototyping is a huge asset for customers.

Whirltronics just finished a significant expansion at the end of 2015, where does that put the future of Whirltronics?

This will allow Whirltronics to purchase additional equipment for increased capacity. The expanded tool room will allow for additional prototyping and tool/die building. The new employee area has a new lunch room, restrooms and commons area with new lockers.

Want to talk metal fabrication? Have a product idea, but don’t know what steps to take? Connect with Dan Jernberg on LinkedIn or give us a call!  763-682-1716.

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