At Whirltronics, we are very thankful for the dedicated employees that work on our team. We have had some employees work with us for over 30 years, including the 4 Henke brothers who started working with us in the 1970’s. Over the last 17 years, Glenda Stuhr has been working with Whirltronics as the Planning and Sales Coordinator, and like many other Whirltronics employees, she feels that there is something unique about the company.

A day in Glenda’s shoes

Though most days are never the same, Glenda starts with a hot cup of coffee while she reads through her inbox. After that, she makes her way around the 60,000 square foot shop floor monitoring production lines and keeping tabs on inventories. Throughout the day, Glenda processes orders and monitors the production forecasts, keeping supplies stocked while supporting our Lean manufacturing vision.whirltronics planning and sales coordinator

Glenda enjoys working at Whirltronics because she shares the same values as her co-workers and the people she interacts with in the industry, including the customers and suppliers from around the world. “Many times, a phone call will last several minutes, with just a couple minutes of “business talk”, Glenda explains, “The rest of the time is spent in friendly conversation with really nice, genuine people.  I really cherish the relationships I have with my coworkers, customers, and suppliers.”

Many employees, including Glenda are thankful for their positions at Whirltronics because of the “family feel” atmosphere that resonates here. Having those types of relationships at work and being able to make money for supporting what they love to do in their free time, brings a lot of value to the company and its identity. When Glenda is not at work, she loves to do activities with her family including road trips, camping and playing with Gunner, the family dog.

Finding the right partnership

There are many quality metal fabricators out there, but what is important to consider when searching for the next manufacturing partner? When asked, Glenda feels it comes down to the expertise of the people you are working with, “A company should consider the level of expertise available to them within the metal fabricating company. Chose a company that is willing to take the time to really understand what the end product will be used for. There is a strong advantage to working closely with Whirltronics engineers when designing a product. With many years experience in the business, our team can help to deflect common errors and unintended wastes when building a tool.”

She also adds that working with people that truly care about their customers is another huge factor for who to do business with, “I care about doing right and I care about each and every person I work with, whether it’s inside or outside the four walls of Whirltronics. I know that I am not alone in these statements. The theme echoes throughout Whirltronics. We believe that it is all about relationships and the people we touch along the way. Metal fabricating is just a catalyst in those relationships. It is seen in everything we do here at Whirltronics, from prototype to final product.”

Whirltronics’ award winning supplier success is achieved with the hard work and dedication from individuals like Glenda. Our team is a cohesive group that not only enjoys what they do for a living, but also enjoy providing the best service and products to the customers they serve.

Connect with Glenda on LinkedIn here. Interested in a quote or want to talk prototyping? Contact Whirltronics today: | 763-682-1716

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