Eric Fink named Chief Operating Officer

As Whirltronics finishes out the year, we are excited going into 2018 with the announcement of naming Eric Fink as the new Chief Operating Officer at Whirltronics. Eric has been with the company for over 11 years and has enjoyed watching the growth and success of Whirltronics.

“Whirltronics is a leader in the industry and I am blessed to be a part of such a great organization. We have a very talented team that play important roles for Whirltronics. I have enjoyed seeing growth in team members, customers, and of course Whirltronics.”

Excited and ready for his new role, Eric’s focus is clear, “My goal is to continue to bring value to Whirltronics each and every day. Whether you are an employee out on the floor or in the office, everyone plays a key role in the success of Whirltronics.”

Eric works with other business leaders to develop strategies and tools for improving operations. You can connect with Eric on LinkedIn here.


Stretching our physical and digital footprint

Whirltronics has officially settled into the 20,000 square foot expansion at our headquarters in Buffalo, Minnesota. The shop floor has a new layout and every machine has its place, giving us a fresh perspective on our manufacturing processes. New lines were set up to optimize our lean manufacturing and single piece flow. Our in-house tool room expanded, and we added a large employee commons area with break room, bathrooms and personal lockers.

In the digital world, we are actively adding new photos and content to our website including blogs like this. For stories, videos and updates, follow Whirltronics on Facebook, LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Learn more about how Whirltronics can help with your next metal fabrication project and contact us by phone or online: 763-682-1716 |

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