Efficiency is a crucial part of metal manufacturing and a significant reason why Whirltronics is successful in its industry. Like any business, it is important to always search for ways to improve and streamline business processes.

Mike Sevek recently joined the Whirltronics management team after 21 years on the workshop floor. Mike uses his knowledge and experience built in those years to evaluate and determine how to streamline production processes to better serve Whirltronics customers in the future. We asked Mike to share some of his thoughts on work.

What are your goals within this position?

I have identified three inefficient areas to work on and have improved them by 25% in the last 4 months. I would like continuous development in those areas by implementing training improvements and cross-training. The long term plan is evaluating equipment and making improvements. The short term plan is efficiency improvement.

What are some of the biggest challenges?

Obtaining staffing for all shifts and managing full production throughout the shifts. It’s a challenge and I’m new at it so I’m learning the challenges that are out there.

After 21 years, why have you stayed?

I like to work, I like a challenge. My old position–prototyping–was never the same and always challenged me to use my brain, which I enjoy. I was offered other management positions before this one that I turned down just because I enjoy my work so much. I can use my knowledge in this current position to help out everyone and the company. I like to come to work and have a good day every day.

What would you tell an outsider about working at Whirltronics?

It is good challenging work, a great atmosphere, good job protection, and compensation. We’re always improving and constantly compassionate. 

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