As a top manufacturer of rotary lawn mower blades, Whirltronics supplies some of the largest OEMs in the industry. We are able to be successful in this market with a great team of employees and having a large facility to offer all manufacturing capabilities in-house, from prototyping to packaging.

Dedicated to the OEM from cost to time-to-market

Since we offer all services along the mower blade manufacturing process, we are able to get ahead of the competition by having more control over project spending and time. We execute the stamping, austempering, powder coating and packaging at one location, eliminating the cost that is spent on the processes and communication when using multiple manufacturers on one project.

With customer focus being one of our main core values, we are also dedicated to improving our efficiency through innovation and strategy. For our mower blade production, we developed our own machine utilizing laser technology that allows for precise quality control on our product specs during manufacturing, producing consistent product while speeding up our time-to-market for the customer.

Discipline with design and execution

Another element to our success as a rotary blade manufacturer is our discipline towards prototyping and manufacturing. Prototyping is a strong advantage for us, as our experts continually meet OEM needs with success and are able to consistently develop a product within cost and scope. With our recent tool room expansion in 2015, we have further enhanced our prototyping capabilities and capacity with more technology.

Having a knowledgeable team of office staff, machinists and welders adds a significant impact to our overall mower blade manufacturing. We have been running a successful shop floor that understands the importance of single piece flow, consistent product and on-time delivery, which shows through our award winning supplier presence in the industry and the long-term business relationships that we have grown.

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