Over five years ago, Whirltronics hired Lori Jacobson, and last Friday we celebrated her next chapter in life… retirement! Before Lori said her goodbyes she shared with us about her experiences working at Whirltronics and what her future plans are. Keep reading to hear what Lori will miss and what she is looking forward to in this next chapter.

What is the first thing you remember about Whirltronics?

“The first thing I remember about Whirltronics is I felt like I was stepping into a different world! I didn’t ever give a thought about how lawnmower blades were made…. didn’t even know what metallurgy was! It was noisy and I was kind of intimidated but intrigued. I had a shoulder injury and was very upset about what the future held for me. At 57 with little computer skills, my future seemed bleak. Sheri called me and told me to send in my resume…….what resume…..and the rest is history!”

What was your first position at Whirltronics? What did it entail? Current position?

“My first position was Met Lab Tech and still is, but I have ended up with projects here and there! My first responsibility is to collect blades that have been heat treated and cut a section out of them to be mounted, polished, and looked at under the microscope to make sure the integrity of the metal is acceptable. Also to process the incoming steel certs and test the new heats of steel that we are receiving. I had never used a chop saw before or any of the other equipment, so it was really fun to learn my job. Figuring out maintenance on the equipment has also been a nice challenge!”

What is the biggest change you have seen over the years within Whirltronics?

“The biggest change I have seen here is just the huge increase in business! Our customer base has grown so much and the amount of new blades being developed is incredible. The addition of a new heat treat line and a new addition to the building is also exciting!”

What was your favorite thing about working at Whirltronics?

“My favorite thing about working here is definitely the people! I have the best boss EVER and the flow of people in and out of the lab is energizing! Lee and Kathleen have taught me so much and their sense of humor really keeps the balance! And so many other people make it enjoyable to come to work! I’m really going to miss everybody. God has blessed me greatly with the friends I have here and hopefully will continue after I leave! Right Jennifer?”

What do you plan to do now after retirement?

“My plans for retirement are pretty wide open! I have so many projects around the house to do and a new paddleboard to spend quality time with, as well as a student summer bible study to start. Lots of exciting stuff! Maybe even talking my husband into a trip to Hawaii in March!”

It is employees like Lori that are integral to the stamina and life of the company as a whole. Our team is a cohesive group that enjoys what they do for a living and enjoys providing the best service and products to the customers they serve. Congratulations, and thank you, Lori! We wish you all the best in your next chapter in life.

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