The metal manufacturing industry is always growing and expanding into new technology and new processes for production. At Whirltronics, we manage our growth through a foundation of lean manufacturing and the core values of our team. This allows us to control the tempo of our manufacturing while creating the appropriate environment for the collaborative vision of our employees.

As our industry continues to grow, so does competition. We feel through discipline on the production side and providing value to our customer relationships will give us the best opportunity for success in the future.

Lean Manufacturing

Our company carries a mission, “To be the best in class for the customers we serve.” We believe the future is in lean manufacturing. This process affords great results when utilized. It boosts production performance, increasing supplier distribution and creates a positive result throughout the entire chain. We produce parts at a high-quality level, giving us recognition in the lawn mower blade sector along with other industries including agriculture.

We would not be able to achieve this if it wasn’t for putting lean manufacturing processes in place and executing effectively. Building our foundation through lean practice has shown us success and has allowed us to expand our facility increasing shop space, equipment inventory and team members.

Core Values

With a 60,000 square-foot facility, we have many people working and striving towards one goal in mind as a company. We created a list of core values to help bring our team together and provide the best to our customers. Our employees enjoy being a part of our team because of the family feel and positivity that resonates throughout the facility. We have employees that have been working with us for over 40 years, and we have many employees each year that obtained perfect work attendance.

As a group, we read books to enhance our knowledge on team-ship and positive thinking. This, along with our core values and friendly work atmosphere, builds our employees’ professional and personal lives.

When working with Whirltronics, our customers’ vision becomes our vision. We utilize the values and tools that make us successful, to help achieve the goals of our customers. As the industry and technology grows, we have the right processes in place to accommodate those changes along with the needs of our customers.

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